Boat Excursion to Kornati from Sibenik

Boat excursion from Sibenik to National park Kornati a stone labyrinth of eighty-nine islands, islets and cliffs in the sea – these are the Kornati. The most indented island group in the Mediterranean.

View from the boat on the islands of Kornati that you will never forget !

The view of the Kornati islands from the air, from the boat... or from the island viewpoints to the sea is equally impressive - and completely different to the eye. Each is worth the experience and study.

Dry stone walls on the Kornati islands are silent and constantly testify to the toil of human labor on the sparse land in the stone surrounded by the crystal clear sea. Kornati - stone pearls of the Mediterranean.

It was declared a national park in 1980 and then placed under protection. The total area of the park is about 220 km2 and consists of 89 islands, islets and cliffs. Of the park area, only about 1/4 is land, while the rest is marine ecosystem.

It is rich in natural and cultural features. The vertical cliffs of the "crown" of the Kornati islands facing the open sea are the most popular phenomenon of this park. They are also habitats of rare species

Info about the Islands

The world of the Kornati

Submarine It reveals some other amazing stories. And it is good to know that the mainland part of the Park is privately owned. The archipelago consists of about 150 islets covering an area of 320 km2 and is the most indented island ecosystem in the Adriatic Sea. In 1980, most of the Kornati archipelago was declared a Kornati National Park.

Island Kornat

The island of Kornat Kornat, with an area of 32.44 km2, is the largest island in this archipelago and occupies two thirds of the National Park. The island is 25.2 km long and up to 2.5 km wide. The archipelago has no permanent settlements.

89 Islands

The total area of the park is about 220 km2, and it consists of 89 islands. Of the park area, only about 1/4 is land.

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